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Automatic Tire Chain Systems

Our SuperLite family of automatic and complementary conventional light weight tire chain systems will fundamentally transform the industry with improved safety, traction, braking and versatility with dramatic reductions in weight and operating cost.

SuperLite's Automatic Chain System Advances:
Lower operating and maintenance cost
Reduced weight
Ease of use and versatility
Increased braking*
Increased traction*
Lower engagement speeds
Higher operating speeds
Higher emergency engagement speeds
Equally effective forward or reverse
Minimized chain stress on tire tread
Increased road clearance on low profile tire equipped vehicles
* Unique/Optimal chain configuration

Our new SuperLite XL chain wheels will also be retrofittable on Onspot, RUD (RotoGrip), Hildebrand (Roto-Chain) and Insta-Chain installed fleets simply by replacing their chain wheels.

Superlite tire chain systems are MADE in the USA except for the chain links, which are manufactured for SuperLite in Norway by TRYGG. TRYGG is the world's premium manufacturer of alloyed chain steel which contain chrome, manganese, nickel and boron, and in some cases nickel and titanium.

Variations of the Superlite automatic tire chain system are in development for steering axles on fire trucks, ambulances and buses to address the severe control problems encountered during descents, turning or approaches at ice covered intersections, as well as another variant to prevent tractor trailers from jack knifing on ice covered highways during emergency braking.

Time is money: Superlite tire chain systems will keep you on time, reduce your operating cost and prevent drivers from being exposed to hazards during tire chain installations or when they think they can make it by not chaining when conditions warrant.

Launch Status:
Right now our focus is getting the prototypes production ready as we confirm each of the design components with multiple Patents Pending. If you want news on progress please use the contact us form.